Sunday, September 30, 2007

Another Link

Another great site too learn Expression Blend! I hear they have video tutorials

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Mouse Over text color change

This is what Fred told me over at the expression forum.. thanks a ton!

If you want to change the color when the mouse is over the combobox, you need the IsMouseOver event.Click on the +Property button in the triggers panel and a new trigger is added. Choose the IsMouseOver event from the list, and change the foreground color.

Or as we say in xaml...

If you want to change to color of the text in the combobox list, you have to edit the template of a comboboxitem.

A nice tool to help you with editing styles and templates is called ShowMeTheTemplate. You can download it from program shows you the content of every component.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

combo box pop up color change

To change the color of the text in the pop up list thingy of your cobobox: find the combobox in your objectsAndTimeline... press the little arrow next to it.. choose the words you would like to change the coor of.. change the color in properties! YAY!

Change text color of combobox button when pressed

To change a combo box text color when it is pressed:

Go into the template of the combobox, into template of [toggle button], find your text block (if it is a content presenter change it to a text block instead) and look at the interaction,triggers panel.. find the trigger that says "IsChecked=True". Click it so it will then be recording... now change the color of your text block under properties.. TAADAAA!!! Test it out!!

Im working on how to change the rollover color as well instead of just the click color change...

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

make your OWN button!

Want to make your OWN button with an icon or a picture in it?? draw it it all together (if you have more than one pieces that make up the button) then go to "tools", "make button". Name it and there ya go.. a brand new shiny button!!!!

*Any questions? Leave a comment!!

Sizing an Imported/Referenced User Control

To size a user control once it has been imported into a project just click it then go to its properties panel and transform, scale and mess with the x and y. It leaves unwanted extra space when scaled to be smaller but that can be fixed by using layout, margin.