Friday, October 26, 2007

timeline does not automatically play. Stop Timeline

Took me a long time to figure this one out!

When you create a new timeline, Blend creates by default an Event trigger which starts the animation when the scene is loaded.

Here is how you can delete it:-
open the Triggers palette- select the "Window.Loaded" event; (the bottom area of the palette will show all the actions for the "Window.Loaded" Event trigger)- click on the "-Trigger" button

In a similar way you can add an Event Trigger to start the animation when the button is clicked:- create the button- select the button- click on "+ Event"- select "button" in the first field (when button) and Click in the second field (in the end it will say: When button.Click is raised)- click on the "+" button- select Storyboard1.Begin as the action

You may also start the animation from code if you want: - add an Event in the property inspector OnButtonClick to the button - insert the following code (replace Storyboard1 with the name of your storyboard private void OnButtonClick(object sender, RoutedEventArgs e) { Storyboard storyboard = this.FindResource("Storyboard1") as Storyboard; storyboard.Begin(this); }

Thanks Adrian! You helped out a ton!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Slider binded to text block with NO DECIMALS!

put this:


into your XAML for the slider

(right click the slider and click view XAML.. then put that into the part of XAML for the slider)

Works great.. no decimals or extra numbers!

Expression Blend

Monday, October 15, 2007


another great link for tutorials and tips:

Flash in blend

here is the only tutorial I have ran across so far that teaches how to put flash in blend (by making a flash player)

Its in another language but there is a ton of pictures and a tiny bit of english.. good luck!

Slider that changes text block value

1. Make a slider (in the asset library) and name it "mySlider"
2. Make a text block name it "myTextBlock"
3. Click the small square in common properties tab next to text field
4.In the context menu, click Data Binding.
5.The Create Data Binding dialog box appears. On the Element Property tab, choose the mySlider (in the Scene elements column).
6.In the column to the right, choose the property Value.
7.Click Finish. An orange border appears around the text box of the property that has been bound

Im working on figuring out how to make it not use decimals

Monday, October 1, 2007

TimeLine Changes

Here is something very important I learned today about timelines by reading the user guide:

Ease In The ease in value modifies how the property value changes as time approaches the keyframe. You can set the degree of ease by specifying a value between 0% (no ease) and 100% (full ease, which is half the time distance between the previous keyframe and the edited keyframe).

Ease Out The ease out value modifies how the property values changes as time moves away from the keyframe. You can set the degree of ease by specifying a value between 0% (no ease) and 100% (full ease, which is half the time distance between the edited keyframe and the next keyframe).

Hold Out Hold out doesn’t interpolate changes over time; rather it makes an abrupt change to the new property value when the play head reaches the keyframe where the change occurs.
Linear Linear interpolation changes the property value in equal increments between the keyframes. The interpolation between two keyframes will be linear if the Ease Out value is 0% for the first keyframe and the Ease In value is 0% for the second keyframe.

You can modify keyframe interpolation values by right-clicking a keyframe on the timeline.

What I was trying to figure out was how to make a little icon stop changing inbetween frames. For example I have a picture of a cloud on frame 1 and would like it to be invisible on frame 5. my problem was on frames 2 to 4 it would slowly change to invisible instead of only changing on frame 5 to invisible all of a sudden like I wanted it to. So what I found the solution to be was on the keyframe(white circle thing) before the keyframe of the change I had to right click it and click on "hold out". Which makes nothing happen UNTIL frame 5 like I wanted. sheesh! Just remember to right click the key frame before instead of the keyframe you wanted the abrupt change on. Make sense?