Sunday, July 22, 2007

The New Adventures of Geek Girl in Expression Blend!!

Hi all you geeks!! Its geek girl here! For my job, I am FORCED to learn this crazy scary new program called Expression Blend. Yep.. it is very very very confusing when first learning anything in it. No matter how simple it may seem!!! It will frustrate you til you want to scream and run away...But have NO fear! Geek Girls here to do all the dirty work for you!! I will be posting everything I learn in expression from start to finish (until I am not an expression weakling newbie anymore)!! I will be using very simple non geek language so you can understand how it all works without having to decipher a word of it! So check back every so often and you might just run across something you need to know so you TOO can be on your way to geeky stardom!

Wish Me Luck!!

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