Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Pop up and tabs control in Expression Blend

I found this on the forum and thought it could be very helpful. Let me know if it is!
Hello,I have a question about the Popup. I don't see any object which is inside of the Popup control. Let's say if I have a grid with a few buttons inside a Popup, those objects would not be visible. Right now, my work around is that I comment out Popup tags temporarily (beginning and end separately) so I can see my grid with buttons, will do my changes and uncomment Popup tags, so I can test my application. The behavior of the Popup is exactly the same as the TabControl (see my other post about TabControl display problem). During the design time Popup content is not visible. On the run time everything shows properly.Is it a bug, or my Blend 2.5 is not installed properly?Thank you,Adam

Adam,If you select your Popup object in Objects and Timeline tree, see if the Width and Height values on the Layout palette are zero. If they are, click on the crossed-arrow buttons to the right of the Width and Height to set them to Auto. Now you should be able to see your Popup and the objects inside it. Let me know if that works for you.Jonathan [MSFT]

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